// nine hundred ninety-nine unique cubs //

The Kanpai Cubs have come out of hibernation onto the Solana blockchain, roaming the land in search of drinks! The cubs are on an eternal search to provide peace, love, and positivity among the negativity of their homeland, the Solana NFT scene.

"Kanpai" is the Japanese equivalent of "cheers," and that's exactly what the Kanpai Cubs are looking to do - have a good time at the Solana dinner table and cheers with their fellow cub buddies!

Get Started

The main focus of the Kanpai Cubs is the creation of a loving, tight-knit community centric DAO. We plan on having our DAO be a place of extremely good vibes, where people can come to for support, help, alpha, and good fun! Our roadmap is purposely extremely simple currently because we don't want to promise something that is not set in stone. We plan on revising our roadmap and creating further utility for all of the Kanpai Cubs in the future!

  1. ✅ Finalize Artwork
  2. ✅ Setup Twitter/Discord
  3. ✅ Launch Website
  4. Community Building
  1. Mint
  2. Secondary Marketplace (Magic Eden)
  3. Release Rarities
  4. Formation of Kanpai Cubs DAO
  1. Weekly Competition for Prizes
  2. Exclusive Giveaways
  3. Exclusive Alpha Setup
  4. Gen 2 Creation (TBA)
  1. ?????????

The heavy-hitters of the Kanpai collective.










The Kanpai Cubs are a collection of 999 profile picture NFT's built on the Solana blockchain. Our mission is to form a loving, inclusive community amongst the unfortunate negativity that haunts the NFT space.

The mint concluded on February 20th, 2022.

1 SOL.

As a team, we have decided that there WILL be a public sale of ALL unminted Kanpai Cubs from our WL only mint. This is to least give SOME people who were unable to get WL a chance to get one (we don't think there will be many left).

The team has collectively agreed to NOT doxx in an effort to protect the privacy of ourselves, our friends, and our families. We hope you can understand.